Why Is Process So Important in Themed Construction Management?

Our very own John Lindsay explained why the process matters in themed construction management at the TEA's SATE 2019 Asia conference in Shanghai.

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Why Is Process So Important in Themed Construction Management?

John Lindsay, Program Director at nFusion, had the honor of presenting and moderating an expert panel at the TEA (Themed Entertainment Association)’s SATE (Storytelling, Architecture, Technology, Experience) 2019 Asia conference in Shanghai.

“Imagine driving a car on the road with no process in place. What would you have? Chaos!”

construction management

This is how Lindsay began his explanation of why the process matters in themed construction management.

During his presentation, he delivered a concise history of theme park projects, including unique insights into the birth of the TEA.

The original charter on which the organization’s standards committee was founded focused on coming together to promote the notion of process, create standard nomenclature, work together as a team, and broaden clients’ understanding of the creative and production process.

Lindsay described how project development guidelines for themed construction management have evolved and how roadmaps for successful projects, even those that appear daunting at first, can be broken down into logical steps.

Lindsay also discussed how nFusion simplifies the construction management process through its four-gate approach to development and expansion projects. 

This innovative strategy allows the firm to guard the vision or the “big idea” of each project for theme park and themed destination developers, while ensuring that timely decisions are made along the way to bring each project to its successful opening day.

To learn more about this innovative approach to construction management, watch Lindsay’s full presentation and panel discussion on the Themed Entertainment Association’s YouTube channel, here, or contact us for more information.

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nFusion is the only independent program management firm specializing exclusively in delivering cultural and entertainment destinations. nFusion manages projects through four major gateways to answer the most important questions: Is your vision feasible? Is your concept deliverable? Is your design buildable? Is your project operable? nFusion is one of the Companies of Nassal and is located in Los Angeles and Orlando.

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