• Theme Parks
  • Mixed-Use & Integrated Resorts
  • Zoos & Aquariums


  • Experiences
  • Cultural Exhibits
  • Events & Expos
  • Family Entertainment Centers


  • Retail Rollouts & Brand Experiences
  • Restaurant Chains
  • Themed Establishments


We scale to your needs whether large integrated destinations, one-off attractions or urban entertainment experiences.

There are plenty of ‘traditional’ project managers out there. We are the only Program Manager specializing in entertainment and culture, and we know how to deliver your vision.

What We Do

  • Owners Representative
  • Strategic Advisory Services
  • Project Management
  • Cost Estimating
  • Design Management
  • Specialty Construction Management

You bring the vision, we'll make it a reality.  Value-Added solutions for concept and thematic designers to deliver buildable, integrated, and to-budget designs.

What We Do

  • Means and Methodologies
  • Discipline Integration
  • Performance Specifications
  • Constructability & Feasibility
  • Design-to-Budget
  • Concept Validation
  • Themed Construction Design
  • Rockwork and Simulated Stone
  • Technical Design & Integration
  • Drawing Coordination
  • Engineering Specifications
  • 3D Modeling / BIM / Revit
  • Materials and Finishes
  • Samples
  • QA/QC

A turnkey approach to streamlining projects by integrating design/build delivery with guest experience and creative development from the start to remove risk and lower total cost.

What We Do

  • Turnkey Delivery with Bonding Capabilities
  • Custom-Tailored Team Building
  • Beginning to End Team Management and Integration
  • Creative, Budget, Schedule, and Design/Build Alignment