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Guarding Your Vision

We know your project is unique. It involves business, culture, location, regulations, infrastructure, design, and hundreds of other elements. We are your representative, guarding your vision, by balancing the intersection of these diverse and sometimes competing elements. We ensure your project is deliverable.

We manage your project through four major gateways to answer the most important questions:

  1. Is your vision feasible?
  2. Is your concept deliverable?
  3. Is your design buildable?
  4. Is your project operable?

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August 2018

It's all about the people

nFusion is the only independent project management team specializing in delivering cultural and entertainment destinations.

Success starts with leadership who have delivered projects from end-to-end. Our Program Directors align the program and team to guard the viability of your vision.

The nFusion difference comes with our incredibly skilled and passionate team with backgrounds in traditional and specialty design and construction and real-world knowledge of what it takes to design and build your projects.

We love the business and go above and beyond. Put simply, we’re a group of passionate over-achievers.

Meet the People Behind nFusion

Building relationships that last a lifetime

We listen before we lead. Our clients respect and trust us because we deliver on our commitments, aligning with their goals and values. We learn from our experiences and from each other, always evolving.

We are not afraid of the truth. By relentlessly doing what’s right, we build lasting relationships with you while having fun along the way.

World-class clients include Disney, SeaWorld, Halul Real Estate, Fort Edmonton Park, and CJ Entertainment.

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The Chemistry of Experiences

To manage the synthesis of diverse disciplines, we offer four key services providing an end-to-end solution.

Program Management guards your vision, while setting the course and shepherding the project along the way. We keep your project on track by looking at the big picture while keeping our eye on the detail, managing performance and priorities to achieve your goals.

Cost Management accurately forecasts the capital required for your vision. We dissect the program and leverage our database of historical costs to provide a robust framework that is used to continuously monitor design to budget.

Design Management leads and integrates the art and science of show with facility design to create an unforgettable guest experience. We proactively fuse together talents and processes effectively linking the creative with the technical.

Specialty Construction Management brings the vision to life. We unify the unique disciplines and specialty work, including fabrication, installation and programming, to deliver your destination on opening day.

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