Fort Edmonton Park Indigenous Peoples’- Experience

Fort Edmonton Park Indigenous Peoples’- Experience

Fort Edmonton Park, nestled in Edmonton’s scenic river valley, is a place where moments are waiting to be lived, senses come alive and the possibilities are endless as visitors can step into an historic world between 1846 and 1920. In this new park expansion, they’ll be able to step further back in time to explore First Nations’ and Métis’ cultural heritages through the use of immersive technology, dynamic exhibits, and live interpreters in the new Indigenous Peoples’ Experience (IPE).

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City of Edmonton/Fort Edmonton Management Company

Project Type

Consulting Services

Project Completion

April 2020


The plan, by the City of Edmonton and Fort Edmonton Management Company, is to connect people to the Edmonton region’s Indigenous histories and cultures by offering fun, respectful, engaging and authentic experiences. nFusion is proud to collaborate with some of the greatest creative minds in the world to deliver this exciting attraction that explores the important role Indigenous people had in the history of Edmonton and Alberta.

What we did.

Along with a stellar team of brilliant creatives, nFusion is acting as the Prime Consultant through local teams and is managing the attraction design and providing input for procurement and implementation of specialty services of this visitor experience. nFusion was brought on at Concept Refinement and is managing the show creative and technical design along with Stantec, the local Architect & Engineer of Record, to deliver this attraction. In addition to design management services, nFusion is assisting the Client by providing specialty cost estimating and scheduling. When in construction, nFusion will oversee Creative Art direction to ensure design intent and quality is being met. Once completed, guests will be led through a forest of trees into the landscape, pathways and organic wayfinding signage to the Culture Centre, a new purpose-built facility housing a one of a kind immersive experience. The natural world seamlessly transitions guests into dynamic, projection and tree canopy filled space. Throughout the space, guests encounter artifact recreations from a variety of First Nations groups and have the opportunity to talk to live interpreters who help make the experience different on every visit. The building also features classrooms and will be host to a wide variety of events. Audio visual elements enhance the experience and offer guests a unique opportunity to learn about the history of Indigenous experience today.

How we did it.

nFusion is collaborating with industry partners and the finest show designers and producers to design authentic elements, displays, immersive features and exhibits for all of the media events throughout this Indigenous Peoples’- Experience (part of the multi-million dollar enhancement of the park)


nFusion is incredibly proud to work with our partners, the Fort Edmonton Management Company, and the City of Edmonton on the Indigenous Peoples’- Experience as part of the Fort Edmonton Park Enhancement Project. The Indigenous Peoples’- Experience is sure to be an incredibly immersive, educational, and cultural celebration!