The Rings of Time at the Sphere

The Rings of Time at the Sphere

Owned by Sphere Entertainment Co., the Sphere is a first of its kind immersive venue that engages the senses and transports fans and attendees to new worlds. The building’s atrium is home to a variety of interactives that make up part of “The Sphere Experience” and features The Rings of Time installation. The installation consists of two “strings” of rings spanning the 300’ long and 90’ high space, activating all levels of guest circulation.

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Sphere Entertainment Co.

Project Completion

September 2023


The state-of-the-art structure opened in September 2023 and consists of a 16K resolution LED exoskeleton and an interior performance area and theatre boasting 270-degree screens and over 18,000 seats. The Rings of Time is a tribute to human achievement, the advancement of technology, and the profound impact science has had on technology.
The Rings of Time installation in the atrium includes a dynamic LED light show that plays along 94 rings in varying sizes and features a key prop from Sphere’s first film Postcard From Earth directed by Darren Aronofsky.
The rings welcome guests arriving to see both the film and the most spectacular U2 concert you will ever experience!

What we did.

nFusion served as Prime Contractor, delivering the complete design-build project. We were brought in during initial ideation to help Sphere develop a feasible solution to meet their creative objectives for the space in alignment with budget and a tight installation schedule coordinated with the completion and opening of the facility.

How we did it.

With concept and creative direction by Igor Knezevic in partnership with the Sphere team, the design-build (including installation, programming, and test and adjust) of the Rings of Time was completed in 12 weeks with a capable team of partners.  Our project delivery team included Igor KnezevicHolovisEntertainment Project Services, Daniels Wood Land, Inc./DWL StudiosStudio Art & Technology, EXP, and Wamco Inc.

Photos by Sphere Entertainment Co. and Courtney Kleinman