LEGOLAND Germany, located in Günzburg (between Munich and Stuttgart) was the fourth of the LEGOLAND Theme Parks to be developed. The LEGOLAND Parks are based on the timeless LEGO brand and the principles of the Danish words ‘leg godt’ meaning ‘play well’ where families and children let their imaginations run free in a series of themed zone and interactive attractions. The Nassal Company provided ‘Attractions Construction Management’ services to the project and this assignment was the birth of what would later become Nassal ACM, now nFusion. Several members of the nFusion team were former executives and managers of the LEGOLAND Development team.

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The LEGO Company

Project Completion

May 2002


LEGOLAND Germany was the first of a new generation of LEGOLAND Parks. The project was led by Martin Zurauskas (the head of LEGOLAND Development at the time and now Managing Director of nFusion). Under Martin’s leadership, the project focused on learning from the prior delivery processes of LEGOLAND Parks in the UK and California to develop a new platform balancing the best of guest experience with capital cost and land use. Investments were made in program management process and design management documentation quality. Originally scheduled for opening in early 2003, the project team was asked by corporate management to bring forward the opening of the park by a year and this was the catalyst for the birth of “Attractions Construction Management”.

What we did.

In order to achieve the project’s advanced delivery, procurement of all the specialist works needed to be accelerated. A team of project managers and field superintendents (The Nassal Company at the time) was mobilized to Germany for 12 months to work under LEGOLAND Development project managers. Our team assembled and developed a procurement strategy and packages for all the specialist theming works in the park including rockwork, scenic, interactives, signage and graphics. Our Project Managers and superintendents managed the specialty package contracts, global logistics of delivery to site and field installation through to completion and opening day.

How we did it.

Bill Nassal Sr. came from Turner Construction and understood the principles of ‘construction management’ and the complexities of specialty themed construction. We formed a close relationship with the owner’s project management team and collaboratively built a team to best fit the challenges of the project and the assignment. The delivery of services relied on the highest degrees of governance and transparency.


As part of a collective team, LEGOLAND Germany opened 10 months ahead of schedule and under budget. The assignment was a positive and memorable experience and gave birth to specialty program management and construction management with the formation of Nassal ACM in 2014, now branded as nFusion.